A Tale of Two Houses

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This is the actual video I show my sellers to tell the Tale of Two Houses. The Black Book of Market Preparation shown in the video has grown into my newest book A Tale of Two Houses.


Looking for a way to make your listing presentation invincible?

Are you having trouble getting your full commission?

Do you need to differentiate yourself from other Luxury Agents?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you need to co-author a Market Preparation Checklist with me.

More than four decades in the making, "A Tale of Two Houses" tells a true story of two homes that came on the market at the same time. Both were listed at about the same price and both needed the same amount of work.

One sold in 4 weeks, the other sold in one year and 4 weeks.

The difference between them is outlined in "A Tale of Two Houses".

The checklist it contains sets you apart from competing agents who may simply hire stagers or make staging part of their presentation. Don’t get me wrong… I have nothing against stagers or staging.


All I want to do is make YOU stand out.

To be different, better and more valuable.

YOU need to be seen has having more experience, expertise, competence and therefore value.

By appearing as my co-author on this Market Preparation Checklist you will accomplish all this and more.

“A Tale of Two Houses” contains more than 50 pages of content and checklists to prepare your listing for sale.

You will receive a PDF version of A Tale of Two Houses with your name on the cover, and your bio and photo inside.

YOU become my co-author when YOUR name appears on the cover above that of Jack Cotton.

You print color copies as needed from your own office. Just bind in house or at your local print store and voila! You have your own custom market preparation check list..

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